Each kit makes approximately 30 x 750mL bottles and includes corks.

Cellar Craft Showcase

Alluring aromatics spotlight the perfected balance of pure varietal grape juice and concentrates, acidity, tannin, and oak, delivering complex character and highlights the unique nuances that distinguish this brand from the rest.


Memorable moments, celebrations reminisced, traditions shared. These are the legacies of life and the sentiments personified in these premium wine kits. Legacy's premium varietal grape juices and concentrates allow winemakers to create memorable wines of distinction. 

Kenridge Classic

This premium line of wine kits delivers the quality and value discerning wine enthusiasts demand. Creating traditional wines with time honoured bouquets and flavours characteristic to each variety.




Cellar Craft Sterling

With a polished combination of grape juice and concentrates, this brand finds the shine of popular varietals from across the globe. Experience the radiance of fine wines.


Niagara Mist

Delightfully light and refreshing, exciting combinations that are the perfect beverage choice for any occasion. These kits combine famous wine varieties with sassy fruit flavours.

California Connoisse        20Worth of being served on special occasions or for everyday enjoyments, these kits transform the ordinary into the extraordinary using the finest grape concentrates California has to offer. 


Good friends. Weekends. Nice weather. Get-togethers. Girls night. Outta sight. Pose & click. Posting pics. Dinner table. Feeling grateful. Generations. Foundations. Me time. Sublime. Contemplate. Resonate. Date night. Candlelight. Take out. Make out. Fancy dress. Wedding guests. I do. Me & you. Celebrate. Appreciate. Happenstance. Take a chance. Good times. Great wine. Any day. My way. Whatever the mood, no matter the moment, create your own Atmosphere.  



Cheeky Monkey

Embrace the unconventional and get cheeky. These kits offer traditional yet untamed, flavourful wines meant to be enjoyed in their natural habitat -free from pretension and over-analysis.

European Select

Representing the traditions and experience cultivated over 100 years of wine making these kits use premium imported grape concentrates to consistently deliver the quality bouquet expected of old world wines.